This section will present issues that will be addressed during and after HSCB12 conference. Please support our effort to expand and establish HSCBB and come with suggestions and ideas about any topic concerning HSCBB. Please participate in brainstorming sessions that usually take place the last day of the conference. Your presence is always valuable.

Logo contest

Trying to establish HSCBB as the official organization that will represent Greece in international scientific organizations, conventions, meetings, conferences, committees we are announcing a logo contest.  We are looking forward to your feedback about the current HSCBB logo. Ideas and suggestions about new logos or banners are very welcome. Details about the contest (dates, procedure) will be determined during HSCBB12 but if we you have something already designed we will be very happy to look at it.

Suggestions for future HSCBB conferences

If you are willing to host or get involved into the organization of a future HSCBB conference feel free to suggest your proposals during the conference.

Help us advertise ourselves

Please help us advertize ourselves. Talk to your friends. Talk to anyone who is interested in Bioinformatics or Computational Biology.
If you are a company or a university member, take a second talking about us. For any question that concerns you, and your future feel free to talk to us.
Alternative ways and ideas how to spread and expand HSCBB role are always welcome.
  • Currently, you can find us on Facebook¬† just here.
  • If you are a LinkedIn member you can find us here.
  • Our Google+ page is here.